Waste segregation gamified interaction. Produced in Storyline 3.

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Waste segregation training tool designed to improve waste segregation and reduce the cost of incorrect disposal.

17 common items are displayed one at a time. Users are tasked with dragging/dropping items onto the correct method of disposal. This is followed with 5 questions.

Produced in storyline 3, the interaction awards points and records users' final score onto the LMS (designed for a Moodle based LMS). If multiple learners achieve the highest score, the time taken to complete the interaction if used to determine their position on the leader board. 

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Produced in Storyline 3. Uses Javascript to pull learners' names from LMS.

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Contributed by: Andrew Kerslake
Authored by: Andrew Kerslake, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, Learning Technologist
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First contributed: 09 November 2020


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