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A survey of regional and national learning opportunities for dental specialty trainees

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Valuable insight gathered from dentalspecialty trainees (By Lucy Ridsdale,Post-CCST Specialty Registrar in Paediatric Dentistry)

Background: In June 2021 a survey was circulated to ADDs across the UK requesting information about learning opportunities available for specialty trainees. ADDs were encouraged to share this with TPDs and specialty trainees for completion.

Aim: The primary aim of the survey was to gain an understanding of the regional and national learning opportunities currently available to support comprehensive curriculum delivery for dental specialty trainees, across each of the specialities. The secondary aim was to identify virtual learning opportunities and assess the suitability of continued delivery of these events at a national level.

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Contributed by: Virtual and Hybrid Learning Faculty (VHLF) - Dental Zone
Authored by: Jane Daly, HEE TEL
Authored on: 13 June 2022
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First contributed: 13 June 2022
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