Service updates and releases

See the latest release notes, bug fixes and features for the Learning Hub.

Release 7.2 - Allowing more file types to be uploaded

19 Oct 2020

What's new:

  • A wider range of file types are now accepted for upload and the type is shown in the system. This means the system will now show more images and play more audio and video files than before. Mainly it will make it easier to search for files in the future when using the upcoming search filter feature.

Bug fixes:

  • Some small bugs and issues around the behaviour of the buttons and the warning image on the contribute form have been resolved.
  • The order of the tabs on the ‘My Contribution’ page has changed to be more logical.
  • When a resource requires action, a user will be shown the ‘Action required’ tab first on the ‘My Contribution’ page, if not the ‘Draft’ tab will be shown by default.
  • If a user edits a published resource and discards it, the user will be returned to the ‘Published’ tab rather than the ‘Draft’ tab on the ‘My Contribution’ page.

Background fixes:

  • Administrators can now republish resources to our search system, either individually or in bulk. This allows us to push updates made to resources into our search results if, for some reason, they haven't happened as a normal part of the publishing process.

Release 7.1 - Increasing audio/video upload size

7 Oct 2020

Bug fixes:

  • The file upload limit for contributing files was increased to 750MB in Release 7, but the goal has always been to increase this to 2GB. In Release 7.1 we've done just that, and you can now upload individual audio and video files up to 2GB in size.
  • Where a file is prevented from being uploaded for security reasons, we've made sure the message displayed is much easier to understand.
  • When the resource details page for a zip file was displayed it stated, "View this file" - we’ve changed this to read "Download this file" which is more accurate for the action.
  • When a user is made view-only, for whatever reason, they should no longer be able to access their “My Contributions” page. This wasn't the case, so we’ve fixed it.
  • We fixed a small cosmetic issue with the footer section on our pages and a spacing issue on the contribution form.

Background fixes:

  • A change was made to a call to the user database to improve efficiency.

Release 7 - Sorting on search results, publishing statuses

23 Sep 2020

What's new:

  • Sort options have just been added to the search results page. Users can now sort the results by relevance, alphabetically, by date authored or by rating.
  • New publishing statuses have been added to indicate the status of a contributed resource: Queued for publishing, Publishing, Published and Failed to publish.

Bug fixes:

  • The allowed file size for uploaded resources has increased from 500MB to 750MB. This is the next step towards reaching allowed file sizes of 2GB.
  • In rare cases when a user of an e-LfH tenant attempted to log into or register onto the Learning Hub and failed or was not valid, they were directed back to the e-LfH Hub. Now the user will be directed to the tenant they are a user of.
  • Microsoft Publisher files were not being accepted for upload. They are now.
  • In some cases when selecting a shared link to a resource from outside of the Learning Hub, after logging in users were being redirected to the home page and not the resource page. Now, once users have logged in, selecting the link will take them directly to the resource page.
  • A couple of error messages didn't have the correct colour contrast to meet accessibility requirements, we've resolved that now.

Background changes:

  • When a user arrives at the Learning Hub from another internet address we record where they came from, it's common practice across the internet to see where users are being directed to and from where. We were recording the wrong address, we've fixed that one too.
  • In order for us to understand search, how users are searching, and how our search is delivering those results, we've increased the amount of logging of the search data we gather. We now record the term, the amount of results matched, how many pages the user browses through, and the result that they select.

Release 6 - Release notes, audio/video tracking

7 Sep 2020

What’s new

  • We’ve reworked the templates for how all the site pages are displayed and formatted them in a standard style. This new template is much more adaptable for different styles of pages and content and makes sure that we are displaying pages in a much more consistent manner.
  • Where users have been watching video or listening to audio, we haven’t been able to record the time spent viewing or listening. Now we can. Instead of only recording that the video or audio has started, we record when it’s paused, stopped and how much has been watched.
  • We now have a new section for showing release notes on the site, where users will see all the release information such as this. This includes an administration system to manage them.


Bug fixes

  • In some circumstances, new users were getting stuck in a loop with the login wizard reappearing every login. This has now been resolved.


Background changes

  • If users who are registering through OpenAthens had an email address that wasn’t allowed to register directly with the Learning Hub registration; it was rejected. We shouldn’t have allowed this to happen and so we now leave the choice of email address to OpenAthens itself.

Release 5 - Open authentication

11 Aug 2020

Background changes

  • We have made some major changes to the way that Open Authentication systems are integrated with our own servers and infrastructure. While users will see no changes for now, in the future this will give us the ability to expand this service to integrate with other systems.

Release 4 - Feedback form

29 Jul 2020

What’s new

  • A feedback form has been added to the search results page. This means that users can leave feedback for our team when a search hasn’t returned the results they expected, and we can investigate why and keep making our search better.
  • We’ve changed the way “authored by” dates are shown on the search results and resources pages. These are now a little easier to read so it’s clear who the author is and which date they authored the material on.


Bug fixes

  • When returning from playing audio or video full screen there were a few layout problems with the page. These have been resolved and the page looks perfect when returning from the full-screen player.
  • The help text around downloading SCORM/AICC content was linking to the wrong place and needed updating, which we’ve done.

Release 3 - Sensitive content

21 Jul 2020

What’s new

  • Now users can upload content and mark it as sensitive. This means that any images for the content will be hidden from other users until they acknowledge the sensitive content filter.


Bug fixes

  • An issue with incorrectly formatted creation dates for accounts has been resolved. This was a date hidden from users and has also been resolved throughout all accounts.

Release 2.1 - Bug fixes

15 Jul 2020

Bug fixes

  • A limitation on the file upload size has been addressed and users can now upload files up to 500MB.
  • In some circumstances the publish button during the contribution of images was greyed out and not selectable, so we fixed it.

Release 2 - Ratings

9 Jul 2020

What’s new

  • We now have ratings in the Learning Hub! Users can rate resources they have completed and see the overall ratings in the search results.
  • On the contribution form we split out the field that was for “Role and/or organisation” and have created two separate fields as well as renaming the existing ones. So, we’ve moved from “Author name” and “Role and/or organisation” to “Author”, “Role” and “Organisation” fields.
  • A new administration screen was developed to allow the transfer of the contributor of a resource. This allows us to bulk upload resources on behalf of an individual or organisation and transfer them to the correct owner afterwards.

Bug fixes

  • When searching with a few more unusual special characters at the start or end of the search phrase, no results were returned. These characters were used by the search system to perform specific functions and caused issues when used in the search phrase. These special characters have now been removed and the search string is treated as text.
  • Likewise, on very few occasions the search phrase was being returned from the search system with some special characters in the display. These have also been removed.
  • Also, on the search, we made sure that the search term users type in remains on display in the box after the search results are returned.
  • On the contribution form there were some issues with the order of fields being completed and the removal of text in them which allowed them to be incorrectly published. These have been resolved.
  • The description fields for the resources counted the characters in any HTML code for the overall field character limit. This could result in descriptions being cut short when HTML code was used in the description. These now no longer count towards the total characters.
  • When video files were being uploaded, with separate text file transcripts or certain subtitle files, they were producing an error. Now they upload correctly as with the other transcript and subtitle file types.
  • Video and audio resources were not showing the duration of the resource, until this release.
  • Also, with video and audio resources, when files with long filenames were being uploaded, they were failing to publish correctly.
  • When using Internet Explorer 11 there were some issues with displaying the details on the “My Contributions” page.
  • When an ampersand was used in a PDF title, the PDF would not open. This has been resolved.
  • We noticed that when a URL with a hashtag anchor is used as a weblink, it wasn’t being accepted. A quick code change later and it’s working.
  • We found that when logging in for the first time and presented with the login wizard, there were a few ways to bypass it. These have now been closed off.
  • Creating new accounts in the Learning Hub through OpenAthens were checked for NHS valid email addresses, this was removed so that any email address could be used.
  • After the larger sized uploads, some users were not being returned to the “My Contributions” page. This was caused by a timeout which has now been identified and resolved thanks to the logging implemented in the previous release.
  • New text was added to the “Accessibility”, “Terms and Conditions”, “About Us”, and some error pages. On the “Contact Us” page we updated all the external links to open in a new window, so you always know how to return to the Learning Hub.
  • The help button wasn’t working correctly on mobiles, now it is.
  • Various design interface corrections were made from colour changes to small pixel movements and resizing, including resolving some accessibility issues.

Background fixes

  • Various changes have been made to the Learning Hub’s publishing process. These will not be obvious to the user, but the benefits will be in terms of capability and speed of upload.
  • Some updates have been made around the logging and error handling when users have logged in through the open authentication systems in use.
  • A few changes have been made to the way the open authentication systems log users in and out so that it’s future proofed for multiple systems and clients.

Release 1.2 - Bug fixes

17 Jun 2020

Bug fixes

  • Two quick fixes for users who have logged in through OpenAthens where they received an additional error on screen with their search results, and their “My Contributions” page would sometimes appear stuck after publishing resources. Both issues were resolved in this quick release fix.