Service updates and releases

See the latest release notes, bug fixes and features for the Learning Hub.

Release 12.4 - Text editor fixes

12 Jul 2021

Bug fixes:

  • A character count has been added to the text editor for text fields such as titles and descriptions. This will show you how many characters you've used so far and how many you have left.
  • We've resolved a problem where resource descriptions that exceeded the allowed number of characters were being accepted but not saved.

Background fixes:

  • A security update has been applied to the text editor for text fields.

Release 12.3 - eLearning Repository and Electronic Staff Record final fixes

30 Jun 2021

Bug fixes:

  • Wording has been changed on the Electronic Staff Record link screen for resources, to make it clearer what the link is used for.
  • The name has been changed of the SCORM/AICC resource to make it clear that it is SCORM 1.2.
  • The catalogue titles on resources have been updated in the dashboard resources tray to ensure they are always accurate.

Release 12.2 - SCORM and eLearning Repository link fixes

23 Jun 2021

Bug fixes:

  • The responsiveness of the SCORM information page bug from the previous release has been resolved.
  • When an Electronic Staff Record (ESR) link is removed from a resource, the resource becomes inaccessible to ESR.

Release 12.1 - SCORM contributions

3 Jun 2021

What's new:

  • The ability to contribute SCORM packages (elearning content) has been added, however it remains turned off until the migration of the eLearning Repository (eLR) is completed.

Bug fixes:

  • Small database fixes for status and queue updates on resources.

Known issues:

  • The SCORM information page is not currently responsive on mobile but will be resolved in an upcoming release. 

Release 12 - Searching within catalogues

14 May 2021

What's new:

  • Updates have been made to the catalogue information screens meaning users can now search within individual catalogues.

Bug fixes:

  • Improvements have been made to the sign in process to improve integration with OpenAthens and other external systems. 

Release 11 - Search filters and catalogues in search results

6 May 2021

What's new:

  • Catalogues are now included when users perform a search, which makes it easier to find the details of a specific catalogue. 
  • Search results now include a ‘Filter results’ option so users can filter the returned resources by specific resource type(s).

Bug fixes:

  • The 'Load more' button on the search results section was causing  the screen to flicker on some devices. This has been resolved.

Release 10.2 - Sign in text corrections and scalability

9 Apr 2021

What's new:

  • Updates have been made to maintain performance and ensure the system is scalable for an increase in users and resources being added to the platform.

Bug fixes:

  • Some text corrections have been made to the sign in screens.

Release 10.1 - Bug fixes for my learning and new dashboard

30 Mar 2021

Bug fixes:

  • Some minor font and style corrections were made. 
  • Resources not in a catalogue were displaying a generic catalogue name. This is a system only reference and does not need to be viewed by users. This has now been removed.

Release 10 - My learning area and audio/video activity recording, cookie banner, home page changes

25 Mar 2021

What's new:

  • A new feature can be accessed via the menu at the top of the page when signed in. The ‘My learning’ area displays a list of a user’s learning activity on the Learning Hub, showing the resources they have started and completed. Users can search and view their activity, filter by time period, completion status and resource type. They can also generate a report of their activity, with or without any of these filters applied.
  • We've changed the cookie banner to ask for a user’s acceptance to use optional cookies and the cookie policy page has also been updated.
  • The home page has been updated. It now shows two dynamic trays for resources and catalogues. The resources tray shows the top ten most accessed, recently added and highly rated resources. The catalogue tray shows the top ten most accessed and recently added catalogues as well as those with the most resources in them.

Release 9 - Introduction of user notifications

9 Mar 2021

What's new:

  • Previously notifications that users received were for everyone, for example notifications of downtime or new releases. This release delivers additional functionality for notifications to be sent to specific users, which has included developing the system for administrators to create and manage the notifications and users to receive them. As new features are released to the Learning Hub this functionality will be used to ensure users receive notifications that are relevant to them, for example catalogue administrators and editors receiving notifications about their catalogue, or contributors receiving updates on their resources about new reviews etc.