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The TEL Activity Register is a collection of projects, challenges and requests for help available to TEL network members. This process encourages members to capture their working priorities, and what they need in order to progress these. This enables other to see who is working on the same projects, to share learning and to gain peer support. You can contact anyone in the Register to link in with a project they are running.

Please be aware that access is granted to view the activity register upon registering for a TEL Forum and completing the activity register.

You can withdraw your consent to be in the register at any time by contacting

If you are involved in Technology Enhanced Learning and Healthcare in the NHS or social care you can join the Forums and control what information you receive by completing this form.

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Regional TEL Networks
Contributed by: Regional TEL Networks
Authored by: NHS England
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Last updated: 07 August 2023
First contributed: 12 August 2022


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