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338 Clinical Audit Training [e-learning]

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By the end of the session delegates will: List the four stages of the clinical audit cycle Explain how standards must be used to measure compliance Describe our internal process of clinical audit: - Follow the approvals process for the proposal - Conduct the audit within defined parameters - Summarise the audit findings in a report Preparation and planning: - Explain how to register an audit - Locate and complete a ‘Clinical Audit Proposal form’ Measuring performance - Describe how sample size and inclusion/exclusion criteria, should be used for a clinical audit - Collect data to measure performance - Describe the audit tools / Proforma and how they should be used for data collection - Analyse data - Describe how to monitor compliance in clinical audits Implementing change - Using report templates to capture the aims and findings of the audit - Identify how audits have met the standards outlined in proposal - Make appropriate recommendations based on the findings in the audit - Develop an action plan including identified action leads and timelines - Explain how SMART actions should be implemented and monitored following the report Sustaining improvement - Complete a review of action interventions - Describe how and when to re-audit - Explain the importance of embedding change over time

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Last updated: 04 August 2023
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