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SWAN Model of Care - For clinical staff

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This video provides an overview of the SWAN model of care. The aim is to provide clinical staff with the knowledge and confidence to discuss how the model can be used in practice. It outlines the resources available to offer to the patient and those close to them to help capture positive memories at what is often a difficult time. The resources include handprints, hair locks, teddies, blankets, hearts and memory boxes. Compassion is at the core of this model and summarises how demonstrating compassion can provide comfort for staff too.


How to take a hand print -
How introduce use of a memory box -
How to take a hair lock -
Using blankets, hearts and teddies -

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This was developed as a brief overview of what the SWAN model of care is and there are additional resources available for some of the tools available.

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Authored by: Lindsay Hall, NUH, Palliative Care
Rebecca Bentley, NUH, Palliative Care
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Last updated: 21 July 2021
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