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338 Medicine Optimisation: Unit 1 - Law, Policies and Good Practice

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This Medicine Optimisation e-learning module is the first part of the Medicine Optimisation Programme and is required to be completed prior to attending the classroom session.

The Medicine Optimisation Programme consists of the e-learning module to cover section 1, to be followed by a classroom session covering sections 2 & 3. Following this the Medicine Administration Competencies are required to be completed and signed off in practice prior to administering medications independently. These competencies require updating annually and can be found on the intranet. Full details of the Programme can be found here Medicine Optimisation Programme (


The Medicine Optimisation Section 1 e-learning module will cover Laws, Policies and Good Practice in relation to medicine administration. A final knowledge assessment will require 100% pass mark to complete this section.


The Medicine Optimisation Programme is a once only requirement for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals who will be required to administer medications as part of their role.

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