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338 Cyber Security: Masterclass

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The counter fraud team have produced this cyber enabled fraud masterclass. The session is ideal for anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge of common cyber enabled fraud tactics that might be seen at home and at work.

Content which will be covered includes:

  • How to spot fraudulent emails and how to report them to the appropriate authorities
  • What makes a good password and how to increase your account security measures
  • How telephone and SMS fraudsters operate and actions you can take if you’re unsure about a call or text you receive
  • How to report cyber enabled fraud attempts made against you at work or at home

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Contributed by: Humber Teaching NHS FT Digital Learning
Authored by: Stephen Carris, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, Instructional Designer
Licence: Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International More information on licences
Last updated: 04 August 2023
First contributed: 31 July 2023
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