NHSE Rheumatology Pan London and KSS Regional Training Day

Cancer screening in myositis Rheumatology Training Day 2 of 2

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Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies


0950Welcome and introduction to day

1000 Dermatomyositis - Dr Aveen Connolly (Dermatology Consultant)

1100 Interstitial lung disease in myositis - Dr Katherine Myall (Respiratory Consultant)

1200 Disease scoring and case discussions - Dr Jennifer Hannah (Rheumatology SpR)

1300Lunch break

1400 Myositis overview and pathophysiology - Dr Patrick Gordon (Rheumatology consultant)

1500 Myositis mimics - Professor Pedro Machado (Rheumatology consultant)

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Contributed by: NHSE Rheumatology Pan London and KSS Regional Training Day
Authored by: Naila Hassanali, NHS England, Speciality Officer
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First contributed: 22 February 2024
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