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My journey as a therapeutic radiographer- resource

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Developed out of the TRaDiP research project on prescribing by therapeutic radiographers and dietitians, this resource illustrates the journey to becoming a therapeutic radiographer independent prescriber. Our research identified a need for visible role modelling, identifying benefits and real life examples to inspire Allied Health Professionals who are considering undertaking the non-medical prescribing programme. This is an expample of one persons journey to becoming a prescriber along with tips and advice.

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Rachel, an Advanced Clinical Practice radiographer, talks about her journey to becoming an independent prescriber and gives some helpful advice for trainee prescribers

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Contributed by: Prescribing Implementation Toolkits
Authored by: Karen Stenner, University of Surrey, Lecturer
Licence: Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International More information on licences
Last updated: 20 March 2024
First contributed: 20 March 2024
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