Recognising and managing conflict between children’s families and healthcare providers

Considerations and principles when managing conflict between a child’s family and the health care providers

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This framework has been developed to guide teams to consider resources, practice and guidance when managing conflict between families and the HCP teams. This is a concise guide to provide prompt support and a link to information that will help the HCP.

The sections are framed around the following:
• The foundations direct you to the training provided on this platform on Understanding and managing conflict in children’s healthcare.
• The pillars of this framework offer suggestions on approaches to support the management of conflict for:
• Parents/carers and the family
• The health care team
• Governance
• Other considerations
• The pillars underpin this platform's aims to ensure the child's best interests are at the centre of all we do whilst supporting the family and the health care teams.

Please use this framework in combination with the resources found on this platform. The resources in this framework are not exhaustive and are supplemented by the additional signposting in the platform.

Thank you to all of the Conflict Management Expert Stakeholders who contributed to the co-production of this framework especially Dr Renee McCulloch (GOSH).

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