Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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WHH - Blood Transfusion V2

WHH - Urilyzer Pro 100 e-Training

WHH Clinical Systems Training - O&G Specialty

WHH Clinical Systems Training - Anaesthetics Specialty

WHH Clinical Systems Training - Surgical Specialty

WHH - iBleep Responding to a Call 2014

WHH - Resus e-lifesaver Part2 2021

WHH - Resus e-lifesaver Part1 2021

WHH - LocSSIPs Awareness - eLearning

WHH- Abbott ADC FPP Glucose 2023

WHH - Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) 2023

WHH Clinical Systems Training - Admin Staff

WHH Clinical Systems Training - Medical Specialty

WHH - Resus Level 2 Basic Life Support

WHH-Abbott ADC FPP Glucose 2023

WHH-Abbott ADC FPP Ketone 2023



WHH - Delirium Version 2

WHH - Test

WHH - Procurement Training










WHH - Domestic Abuse Level 2

WHH Safeguarding Level 2 (Adults and Children) e-Presentation

WHH - Safeguarding Adults & Children Level 1 e-Presentation

WHH - Safeguarding Adults Level 3 e-Presentation

WHH - Display Screen Equipment (DSE) - eLearning

WHH - Blood Transfusion 2022

WHH - Resus Summoning Emergency Medical Assistance

WHH - Resuscitation Additional Presentation eLearning

WHH - iHLS Resus Level 2

WHH - Introduction to ECG and Interpretation

WHH - Infection Control Patient Facing

WHH - Coaching e-learning Package

WHH - PDR Appraisal Skills

WHH - Exploring Sepsis Care Bundle

WHH Lorenzo Static Care Plans

WHH - Safe Insulin Use

WHH Medicines Management 2017

WHH - Paediatric ECG and Interpretation


WHH - Delirium

WHH - Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

WHH - Domestic Abuse Level 1

WHH - Sepsis

WHH - Safe Prescribing

WHH - Resus e-lifesaver Part2

WHH - Resus e-lifesaver Part1

WHH-Palliative Care

WHH - Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool

WHH - LocSSIPs Awareness

WHH - Infection Control Non Patient Facing

WHH - iBleep Raising a Call

WHH - iBleep Assigning a Call

WHH - Health and Safety

WHH - Food Hygiene

WHH - EBP01 How To Formulate Answerable Questions

WHH - Duty of Candour

WHH - Display Screen Equipment

WHH - Counter Fraud

WHH - Consent EIDO Introduction

WHH - Consent EIDO CoreMod1 Legal Ethical Framework

WHH - Consent EIDO CoreMod2 Consent in Practice

WHH - Consent EIDO CoreMod3 Consent and Capacity

WHH - Consent EIDO CoreMod4 End of Life and Legal Ethical

WHH - Consent EIDO Core Assessment

WHH - Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT)

WHH - Acute Oncology