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Appraise with Values

Caring Conversations : An introduction.

Diabetes : Safe use of insulin

Safeguarding Adults Level 3

Drug Calculations Recruitment

Leading with Values : Module 2

Speaking Up : Module 2

Speaking Up

Respectful Resolution: Module 2

Respectful Resolution : Module 1

Leadings with Values : Module 4

Leading with Values : Module 3

Leading with Values : Module 1

KinderLife Wellbeing

Kinder Life Feedback

Performance Improvement Policy

Grievance Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Flexible Working Policy


Radiation Safety

Caring Conversations

Drug Calculations

Probation Period Policy

Sickness Absence Policy

Hidden Disabilities

Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

Medicines Management

Fire Warden Training

Health Record Form

Dementia Awareness

Unconscious Bias

Antibiotics for Maternity Staff

Antibiotic Prescribing

ANTT for Venepuncture and Cannulation

BLS Video

Blood Transfusion for Doctors

Blood Transfusion for HCAs and MCAs

Blood Transfusion for Midwives

Blood Transfusion for Nurses

Blood Transfusion for Paediatric Nurses

Blood Transfusion for Phlebotomists

Blood Transfusion for Qualified Theatre Staff

Blood Transfusion for Theatre Support Staff

Becoming Courageous

Becoming Curious




Connecting Emotionally

Considering Other Perspectives


Diabetes Insulin Safety - UHL module

Falls Awareness

Diabetes Questions

Mental Capacity and DoLS

Naso-gastric tube insertion for adult patients