QR code app to monitor training attendance and track COVID-19 lateral flow testing kit collection

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Class Attendance Tracker (CAT) QR mobile app

“The app has allowed us to utilise an automated way for staff to collect their kits and also enables us to capture all the data required on distribution, collections and stocktaking which has to be reported on a daily and weekly basis to NHS England. Staff have found it really simple and easy to download the app, which allows them to come and pick up a kit and from the management side the app has taken out all the manual and intensive labour which would have been required should we not have had this app” explains Belinda Regan, Director of Nursing & Governance.

Case study on this link https://www.classattendancetracker.com/Tracking-collection-lateral-flow-testing-kits-covid-19

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Monitoring education and training attendance in real-time at NHS Nightingale Hospital London, see video on this link http://www.catqr.com

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