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Daffodils set the standard for end of life care

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RCGP and Marie Curie UK General Practice Core Standards for Advanced Serious Illness and End of Life Care. The Daffodil Standards are a blend of quality statements, evidence-based tools, reflective learning exercises and quality improvement steps.

GP surgeries will now be able to display a ‘daffodil mark’ as a sign of commitment to improving end of life care, as part of a new partnership between the Royal College of GPs and the terminal illness charity Marie Curie. By adopting the Standards, GP practices commit to making improvements in at least three of eight core aspects of care each year, with the aim of having reviewed all of them after three years. The eight Daffodil Standards are:

1.  Professional and competent staff

2. Early identification of patients and carers

3. Carer support - before and after death

4. Seamless, planned and coordinated care

5. Assessment of unique needs for the patient


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