Electronic Prescribing - Module 1

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This module provides a step by step guide in how to undertake the process of Electronic Prescribing within 'Cleric'

The module will take approx 60 minutes to complete, with a short assessment also being required. This module with the associated assessment must be completed prior to prescribing clinicians being provided the appropriate Cleric access rights to undertake EPS within the KMS 111 IUC CAS

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This module provides, Electronic Prescribing Guidance for the Cleric Computer Aided Dispatch Operating system to support EPS within the Kent, Medway and Sussex 111 Integrated Urgent Care, Clinical Assessment Service. (KMS 111 IUC CAS)

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Contributed by: Scott Thowney
Authored by: Scott Thowney, South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Head of Clinical Operations Integrated Care (999 & 111)
Authored on: 28 January 2021
Licence: © All rights reserved More information on licences
First contributed: 30 January 2021
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