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Managing exam stress and anxiety

As the GPhC assessment draws closer it is only natural to have feelings of stress, and anxiety. Stress can impair your ability to learn and concentrate, and therefore, it is important that you identify strategies that can manage any feelings of stress so you can continue to learn and effectively prepare for the assessment.

The following video developed by Pharmacist Support includes a range of tips and techniques to help manage feelings of unease and also guides you through a mindfulness technique that you can practically use to overcome feelings of stress, pressure and anxiety. The Getting Exam Ready session 3 (avialable on the IFPP pages of the Learning Hub) also contains a link to the video and other tips to support your with your health and wellbeing relating to the GPhC assessment

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Contributed by: HEE Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme
Authored by: David Gibson, Health Education England, Associate Dean
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First contributed: 12 February 2021
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