Trans and Gender Diverse Awareness Training

Supporting Gender Diverse Children and Young People

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GIRES and Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have created this resource to help professionals and families understand the needs of gender diverse children and young people.

Module one: Provides an introduction to gender diversity, including the range of gender identities and key terminology and addresses common misconceptions. It also helps learners to recognise the signs that may indicate that a person is gender diverse.

Module two: How to create supportive environments for young gender diverse people and highlights the value of acceptance, and how to follow through with practical, holistic support for young people and their families, including in schools.

Module three: Essential information about social and medical support. It outlines treatment options, that the child may progress through.


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Contributed by: Trans and Gender Diverse Awareness Training
Authored by: Gender Identity Research & Education Society
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Last updated: 01 March 2021
First contributed: 18 February 2021
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