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Allied Health professionals- A journey through palliative care to virtual consultations Covid-19 response

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Allied Health Professionals (AHP’S) Covid reponse virtial consultations and  design of a patient accessible service bringing the Hospice into the community. Person centred practices being  a core theme, individuality, goals, and a  fair access to all .  Ensuring the well-being of each patient/carer is met, supported and services are coordinated, staff and community engagement are reactive and able to support in practical and innovative ways. Virtual Consultations were implemented as a response to the Covid pandemic as well as improving service delivery and accessibility. Ray recognised the “struggle during lockdown not seeing  his family and friends, but also not coming into the hospice”.‚Äč

Innovative practices utilised existing resources, involving Ray, his well-being and community partnerships leading to based needs assessment approaches.  

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This poster was due to be presented at the Ambitions Partnership conference in July 2020. Due to Covid restrictions this event was cancelled. This poster was approved by the Ambitions Partnership editorial team for publication on this site.

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Contributed by: Ambitions Partnership
Authored by: Marie Glindon, Marie Curie Hospice Newcastle
Lynne Alberts, Marie Curie Hospice Newcastle
Authored on: 0 December 2020
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Last updated: 22 March 2021
First contributed: 19 February 2021
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