Red flag, provide and safety net demonstration

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Today we are going to help you to make your consultations safer and better organised.
 So this is a red flag and safety netting demonstration.
 We’re going to give you some examples of how you might ask the red flag questions relating to common general practice presentations, which are from all different areas of the GP curriculum.

We'll also provide you with information which is relevant to each presentation, and might be used in the explanations that you provide to your patient. Finally for each presentation we’ll give you an example of how you might safety net. In the accompanying notes we’ll have a colour code for each of these examples.

Red is for the red flag questions.
Black is for the information that may be relevant to provide you patient, depending on their own ideas concerns and expectations or their psychological occupations or social context.
Green is for examples of safety netting. We hope that you enjoy listening and practising with these examples.

Additional information

Listen to, and read, our demonstration on how to ask red flag questions (key questions), provide appropriate information to patients and safety net patients.

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Dr Keith Birrell, GP trainer - Herrington Medical Centre
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