326 Introduction to Oral Surgery eLearning Course v2

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This course is aimed to improve knowledge and practical skills required to work in and become a vital member of the oral surgery team. The e-learning modules comprise of information to enable a better understanding of the key aspects of supporting the dental team. Successful completion of the modules and the final assessment, will achieve the core competencies for enabling better and safer working practices within oral surgery. If you achieve 80% or more you will pass the assessment and receive a printable certificate. There will also be an opportunity for self-reflection.
This will also form 2 CPD points.

This is an introductory course aimed at the dental team and allied professionals. There are four sections to complete:
1. Oral surgery instruments
2. Dental notation
3. How to set up a drill
4. An introduction to locSSIPs

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Contributed by: Chris Gummer
Authored by: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare, surrey and sussex healthcare trust
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First contributed: 06 November 2020
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