Oral Health for GPs and General Practice

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This Health Education England North East course is aimed at General Practitioners and other GP staff to give an overview of the importance of good oral healthcare and its implications for general health.

Poor oral health plays a significant role in systemic disease, for example diabetes and heart disease. Good oral health can make a significant contribution to reducing the number of emergency and hospital appointments, impacting both valuable health worker time and NHS resources. All front line healthcare staff can help to increase awareness about the importance of good oral care.

The course covers oral health and systemic health, common oral conditions, prevention and oral hygiene, urgent dental care, signposting dental practices, medications which impact upon oral health, the NHS primary dental care system.

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This online course can be accessed for free by GPs, staff in General Practice, and others. Simply create an account on the NECS website via the link above.

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Contributed by: Paul Blaylock
Authored by: Paul Blaylock, Deputy Dental Dean, Health Education England North East
Rachel Lish, Clinical Lead for Multi-Disciplinary Oral Health, Health Education England North East
Malcolm Smith, Postgraduate Dental Dean, Health Education England North East
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Last updated: 04 June 2020
First contributed: 02 June 2020
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