HEE Foundation Programme (for doctors)

Medical Education for Foundation Part 1: Theories in medical education

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live interactive will be offered as part of the East of England Foundation Schools as a 1 hour session.

For EoE, engaging with the recorded resource in 2020 will potentiallycount as 30 minutes of non core mandatory teaching as long as approved by ES as part of a borad and balanced educational log portfolio. Please check with your FTPD the latest advice prior to assuming this will continue.

Aimed to be the first of 3 subsections for the non clinical hub for medical education

use with a developing lesson plan that you can then use for the developing the clinical teacher portfolio item on your eportfolio

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Developed during covid 19 as an alternative to the face to face regional teaching in foundation in the East of England: central non clinical hub F1 f2 foundation non core mandatory teaching East of England Foundation Schools

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HEE Foundation Programme (for doctors)
Contributed by: HEE Foundation Programme (for doctors)
Authored by: Helen Johnson, FSD, EOE Foundation Schools
Licence: Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International More information on licences
Last updated: 07 August 2023
First contributed: 09 June 2020
Audience access level: Full user


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