HoloPatient: COVID-19

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HoloPatient: COVID-19 is a free bespoke version of the HoloPatient app for Microsoft HoloLens, designed and created in collaboration with the NHS and Health Education England in response to the need for high-quality, safe, immersive training materials during the ongoing pandemic.

As a learner, HoloPatient: COVID-19 uses photo-realistic holographic video of a standardized patient to guide you through four stages of the illness. It helps you recognise the signs and symptoms typical of a Covid-19 patient; model the assessment and risk stratification of such patients; and understand the signs and symptoms indicating deterioration and need for escalation of care.

HoloPatient:COVID-19 was made in partnership with the NHS, HEE, Dimension Studios, Fracture VR and Microsoft.

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Requires a Microsoft holographic compatible device such as HoloLens1 or HoloLens2.

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Last updated: 18 March 2024
First contributed: 13 October 2020
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