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Module 4 - A typical consultation

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In this module, you will see an example nurse consultation, with Mary Wells (SWEET co-applicant and Professor of Cancer Nursing) and two women prescribed hormone therapy. This module will take around an hour to complete.

You will see that this maps onto the3 key steps in the Perceptions and Practicalities Approach to supporting adherence:

(1) Necessity beliefs:Communicate a common-sense rationale for the necessity of the treatment. This should address the implicit question of'Why do I need to follow this treatment to acheive a goal that is important for me?'

(2) Concerns:Elicit and address concerns and outstanding information needs. Provide support with side-effect management and expectations if needed.

(3) Practicalities:Make the treatment as easy and convenient to use. Help the patient to develop a treatment habit.

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