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VHLF: SAFARI Exploration Sheet

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Supporting educators to conduct a SAFARI search.

The term SAFARI refers to a search within your organisation or externally to identify an activity/use of a resource. Please share your results with the COP via the dedicated MS Teams Channel.

Please note: From 1st April 2023, Health Education England (HEE) merged with NHS England (NHSE). Resources in HEE templates will be updated in due course to reflect this change.

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As part of the Virtual and Hybrid Learning Faculty, this on-demand resource aims to increase educator's impact, confidence and capabilities when designing, developing and delivering virtual and hybrid learning.

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Contributed by: Virtual and Hybrid Learning Faculty (VHLF) - Getting Started
Authored by: Jane Daly, Health Education England, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team
Authored on: 24 August 2022
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Last updated: 21 June 2023
First contributed: 24 August 2022
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