Enabling Effective Learning Environments


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The NW region has developed innovative multi-professional online learning materials to prepare our educators, recognising that supporting and assessing learners adopts the exact same principles across all healthcare professions.

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What arethe NW Multi-professional Educator Resources?

This framework is a set of multi-professional resources developed in collaboration with practice and HEI colleagues via a steering group, with the purpose of being the go-to resource for educator preparation which is free and easy to access via this digital platform.

The NW Multi-professional framework for Educators will provide training and development to colleagues who support pre-registration learners. These resources will provide a sustainable solution to ensure consistency of supervision and assessment faculty development across all organisations and a range of roles and responsibilities. Your organisation may already provide educator resources, which can still be utilised alongside the NW resources, however the expectation is that all educators utilise the NW Multi-professional Educator Resources as a minimum requirement.

Who arethe resources for?

These resources will support colleagues across all of the many available professions, ensuring the region has high quality supported educators. The resources were developed by a steering comprised of a wide range of professional groups and across many different organisations. Central to the success of this framework has been the common goal to produce educator preparation materials that are engaging and refreshing.

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Enabling Effective Learning Environments
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