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Introduction to Medicines Calculations

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This workbook has been designed for any healthcare professional requiring an understanding of drug doses and quantities and gaining confidence in performing a variety of medicines calculations. Divided into sections, it covers a variety of calculations explanations and examples with calculations practice content covering two levels of assessments; basic application and complex calculations. It should be completed after the eLearning medicines optimisation module 5 Calculating Drug Doses.

Level 1 tests your basic application of skill and understanding in:

  • Preparation and administration of oral and injectable medicines
  • Conversion of units
  • Measurement of medicines, drug strengths and volumes
  • Decimal place errors
  • Moles and millimoles in solution explanation
  • Paediatric calculations
  • Using sources of information

Level 2 tests your skills in more complex calculations:

  • Preparation and administration of oral and injectable medicines
  • Calculation of infusion rates
  • Calculations based on body weights
  • Moles and millimoles formula and calculations
  • Complex paediatric and neonatal calculations
  • Renal function calculations and doses for the elderly
  • Using sources of information

Additional information

This workbook contains practice example drug calculations which will help to develop the skills necessary to perform medicines calculations accurately and consistently.

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Contributed by: Medicines Optimisation Training Portal
Authored by: HEE North East and Yorkshire (NEY)
Licence: Creative commons: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International More information on licences
First contributed: 15 February 2023
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