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Introduction to Communication Skills

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This introductory workbook looks at communication in a range of healthcare situations with a variety of people and provides a mixture of training methods, which may be adapted to address the content and depth of training required. Throughout the workbook there are a number of activities to reinforce the theory with practice and in particular they focus on verbal communication, non-verbal communication and listening skills.

This should help to increase your confidence when communicating with people receiving care from you, these could be service users, patients, their family members or carers, as well as your colleagues and people in other organisations.

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The aim of this workbook is to assist your development of communication skills, by providing you with information regarding different forms of communication and their appropriate use.

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Contributed by: Medicines Optimisation Training Portal
Authored by: HEE North East and Yorkshire (NEY)
Authored on: 30 November 2021
Licence: Creative commons: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International More information on licences
First contributed: 15 February 2023
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