Autism training for General Practitioners-Peer to Peer Learning

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Autistic people facebarriers in access to primary care, during consultations, and staying the course. Autistic adults can havedifficulty accessing a doctor some for multiple reasons which may begin with the stress of telephoning to make an appointment and finding their way through complex appointment systems.

In anticipation of Annual Health Checks for autistic people, theAutism training for General Practitioners-Peer to Peer Learning training was has been designed in collaboration between the London Region Learning Disabilites and Autism Programme andLondon South Bank University, this has been developed and delivered byautistic researchers and doctors.

This training is designed to acompany the GP Surgery Autistm Risk Analysis and Management Toolkit.

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Contributed by: William Hardy
Authored by: Nicholas Chown, London South Bank University, Lead Researcher
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Last updated: 21 September 2023
First contributed: 31 March 2023
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