Tackling HIV Stigma and Discrimination

Tackling HIV Stigma and Discrimination

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The aim of this module is to explore the important link between HIV-related stigma and public health outcomes, such as quality of care.

The healthcare sector is one of the main settings where people living with HIV and those perceived to be living with or at risk of HIV, experience stigma and discrimination.

Stigma and health inequalities create significant barriers to accessing testing,  prevention,  and care. This has become more acute since COVID-19 and without action, we risk progress slipping further. Everyone involved in the health and social care sector has a responsibility to stop HIV stigma and address health inequalities throughout their work.

Testing your perceptions and updating your HIV knowledge as well as exploring practical approaches which can be easily implemented within your role, service and across the healthcare system is key to ensuring we all have access to the same health and care.

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