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VHLF: Supercharging and Nudging Learning Impact in Virtual and Hybrid Learning (video)

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This short video has been made to highlight the importance of supercharging and nudging learning impact in virtual and/or hybrid learning.

The microlearning resource guides you through some of key considerations educators should consider when they want to drive learning impact and move learners into the 'learning zone'. It explains ways tobsupercharge and nudge your delivery/learning.

It also contains a Supercharging and Nudging checklist.

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As part of the Virtual and Hybrid Learning Faculty (VHLF), this on-demand resource aims to increase educator's impact, confidence and capabilities when designing, developing and delivering virtual and hybrid learning.

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Contributed by: Virtual and Hybrid Learning Faculty (VHLF) – Increasing Your Impact
Authored by: Jane Daly, NHS England, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team
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Last updated: 25 July 2023
First contributed: 24 July 2023
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