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Patient and carer leaflet 'Who's who guide to prescribing'

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Non-medical prescribing, or medicines prescribing by professions other than doctors or dentists, is more developed in the UK than in any other country. Our research shows that public awareness about non-medical prescribing is patchy and there are few patient-facing resources available. This leaflet, developed in 2024, provides general information onwhich professional groups can prescribe medicines in the UK. It is intended as a patient or carer-facing leaflet. It has been co-designed by healthcare professionals, researchersand members of the public as part of the TRaDiP research project (NIHR award PR-R19-0617-21001). The intention is that this leaflet will be used by NHS providers to support patient understanding about non-medical prescribing.

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This patient facing leaflet gives information about who, other than a doctor or dentist, can prescribe medicines in the UK. It was developed as part of the TRaDiP research project (NIHR award PR-R19-0617-21001), using co-design principles.

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Contributed by: Prescribing Implementation Toolkits
Authored by: Karen Stenner, University of Surrey, Lecturer
Licence: Creative commons: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International More information on licences
First contributed: 20 March 2024
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