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Having safe and effective health and wellbeing conversations

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This training course has been designed by NHS colleagues to help leaders and line managers to hold safe and effective wellbeing conversations with colleagues and those that they support.

As well as helping to develop the skills to hold safe and effective wellbeing conversations, the training also offers an opportunity to think about your own wellbeing and develop a personal action plan.

Who the course is designed for

This course is designed for line managers (of any profession, banding or grade), and colleagues working across the NHS in roles which have a caring responsibility for staff (e.g. clinical and educational supervisors, team leaders, staff network members, Health and Wellbeing Champions, Wellbeing Guardians).

Whether you are new to the course or undertaking it as a refresher, this e-learning course has been designed to support all learners.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will have learnt the skills needed to hold safe and effective wellbeing conversations. This includes:

  • Understanding what a health and wellbeing conversation is.
  • Understanding the diverse range of factors effecting our and others individual wellbeing.
  • Utilise models to frame the conversations.
  • Applying the model to self and others.
  • Exploring challenging scenarios.
  • Considering your own wellbeing in light of the learning.

Upon completion you will have the opportunity to download a certificate. Please note - you need to have thoroughly read, engaged and opened the icons and buttons, in order to complete the course properly and to enable the creation of the certificate.

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