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Course - Escalating Concerns and Speaking Up: An Immersive Technology Resource

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This rich and innovative course is designed to immerse the learner in the first unaccompanied shift of a doctor returning to work after prolonged absence. We see her working, meet her colleagues, patients and their relatives.

Throughout the course she uses PACE to raise concerns and becomes more confident in handling situations that may become controversial or problematic. Viewers will be able to empathise with her situation, much of which will seem familiar, and learn from the way she handles everything and everyone that she encounters.

Learners should be able to see how, by using an acknowledged method of raising concerns and being assertive in a polite and effective manner, they, like her, can ease back into the workplace with confidence ensuring good colleague relationships and optimising patient safety.

The course can be taken in bite size chunks. You can pause and return to the course at any stage.

Note:If you have not looked at the Introductory and Bonus materials associated with this course be sure to do that by clicking this link

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First contributed: 15 March 2022
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4 ratings

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