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Burns Incident Response Team (BIRTs)

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"Burns Incident Response Teams (BIRTs) are an integral part of an emergency response to a burns mass casualty incident in England and Wales.  BIRTs are likely to be deployed as part of a national response in the event of a burns mass casualty incident.   This training is aimed at members of a BIRT, which consists of a Burns Surgeon, Burns Anaesthetist/ Intensivist and Senior Burns Nurse.   

The objectives are to ensure all staff volunteering to be a member of a BIRT:
1.       Understand the need for burns disaster management 
2.       Understand the system of Command and Control
3.       Understand the role of BIRT including profession specific elements
4.       Are able to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the burn patients allocated and complete appropriate documentation correctly
5.       Understand the impact human factors have on patient safety 
6.       Are able to communicate effectively as part of a team and with other teams

This BIRT Catalogue has been designed by the National BIRT Training Group."