432 - Let’s Talk Cancer – essential communication skills

ESNEFT Intravenous and Subcutaneous Medications

ESNEFT -Infusion Therapy, including cannulation (OPAT Team Staff only to complete)

ESNEFT Patient Group Directions (PGD)

ESNEFT - Harm Free Care/Tissue Viability

ESNEFT Sentinel

ESNEFT Communication Skills at the End of Life

ESNEFT Maintaining Clinical Competence

ESNEFT Nova Blood Glucose Monitor course

ESNEFT Nutritional care in hospital and community

ESNEFT Introduction to Food Safety for Facilities staff

ESNEFT Blood Awareness - Band 2-4 Clinical

ESNEFT Blood Awareness - Transfusion Samples

ESNEFT Acute Pain

ESNEFT What is Hospital-associated Deconditioning (HAD)

ESNEFT Preceptorship Frailty

ESNEFT Preceptorship Respiratory

Multidisciplinary AHP Preceptorship Programme-2024

ESNEFT Preceptorship Diabetes

ESNEFT Multidisciplinary Nursing Preceptorship Programme-2024

ESNEFT Multidisciplinary Community Nursing Preceptorship Programme-2024

ESNEFT Continence Care

ESNEFT Resuscitation Service


ESNEFT Red Bag Scheme


ESNEFT Children and Young People with Diabetes

ESNEFT Recognition & Assessment of Acute Pain in Children and Young People

ESNEFT Febrile Neutropenia in Children

ESNEFT Anaphylaxis

ESNEFT Stoma Care

ESNEFT 18 Week Referral to Treatment (RTT) - Ipswich Site

ESNEFT 18 Week Referral to Treatment (RTT) - Colchester Site


Integration and Integrated Care

Multidisciplinary Preceptorship Programme 2024

ESNEFT- Datix Incident Investigation

ESNEFT- How to report an incident/ near miss on Datix

ESNEFT Paediatric Palliative and EOL Care

ESNEFT - Intranet Site Editor

ESNEFT Palliative and End of Life Care General Awareness

ESNEFT- Blood Transfusion for Band 2-4

ESNEFT- Community/Phlebotomy Blood Awareness

ESNEFT - Preventing & Reducing Harm From Falls in Hospital


ESNEFT- ReSPECT Training for Readers and Writers

ESNEFT - Medicines Management Theory & High Risk Medication Practices

ESNEFT - Communication Skills at the End of Life

ESNEFT Doctors- Virtual Induction Training

ESNEFT Trust Corporate Induction

ESNEFT-Hemocue Hb 201+ meter

ESNEFT- Palliative and EOL Care (Clinical Awareness)

ESNEFT - Intrathecal Chemotherapy

Ultrasound Guided Peripheral - Vascular Access

Good Manufacturing Practice in Pharmacy Clean Rooms

Environmental Microbiology Training

ESNEFT Antimicrobial Stewardship

ESNEFT Supporting the Armed Forces Community in Acute Hospital Settings



ESNEFT Adult Sepsis

ESNEFT Paediatric Sepsis

ESNEFT Intrathecal Chemotherapy

ESNEFT Maternity Sepsis

ESNEFT Maternity Sepsis

ESNEFT Fire Marshal

ESNEFT Fire Marshal

ESNEFT Fire Marshall Training

432 Corporate Induction