IAPT High Intensity CBT Recorded Workshops

This is a series of IAPT High Intensity CBT recorded workshops. Typically, each workshop contains: Theory and Evidence, Assessment and Formulation, and Treatment and homework. To enable accessible learning, the videos have been broken into manageable shorter chunks. The video topics are:

  • Trauma Focused CBT for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Professor Anke Ehlers
  • Cognitive Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder - Professor David M Clark
  • Cognitive Therapy for Panic Disorder - Professor David M Clark
  • Specific Phobias - Simon Darnley
  • Cognitive Therapy for Depression – Dr Anne Garland
  • Assessment, Formulation and Treatment of Anxiety and Depression Across Cultures - Dr Andrew Beck and Michelle Brooks-Ucheaga
  • Using Behavioural experiments in CBT - Dr Nick Grey

The topics and content align with the   National Curriculum for High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy curriculum These recordings should be supported by synchronous learning and skills development opportunities led by local course teams. Watching the recordings without parallel synchronous learning opportunities should not be counted towards the required minimum days of teaching on an IAPT HIT CBT programme.


These recordings are intended for trainees on a recognised postgraduate programme of study in IAPT High Intensity CBT for adults. Viewing these workshops outside of a recognised postgraduate programme of study will not equip you with the competences to deliver effective therapy. The recordings do not constitute stand-alone training and do not of themselves lead to any qualification or registration in CBT or psychological therapy.