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Trauma-Informed Approach e-learning Pilot (Surrey and NE Hampshire)

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Recognising that NHS and social care staff are routinely exposed to trauma at work and experience moral injury, NHSE has worked in collaboration to design bespoke ‘trauma-informed care training’, ensuring these workforces become truly trauma informed. Whilst we acknowledge that embedding trauma-informed care requires a systematic, multifaceted approach, the aim of the trauma-informed training is to support the learner in deepening their understanding on the importance of becoming more trauma sensitive in the way care is delivered, both as an individual and within a team or service.

The learning journey will be an ongoing and adaptive process which fosters a trauma-sensitive culture throughout all health and social care settings. The endpoint will be all staff understanding the impact of actual, potential and vicarious trauma on the lives of those who access services, and those who work within them, in order to reduce the potential for trauma to cause lasting harm and instead promoting post traumatic growth.