Sepsis-Blood Culture Pathway Improvement

Blood cultures are a diagnostic test that detects the presence of microorganisms in the blood, which would indicate an infection. The results from blood cultures can determine the specific microorganism causing the infection, informing clinicians what the most appropriate antimicrobial would be to treat. Blood cultures are the primary diagnostic test to detect bloodstream infections (BSIs). When collected correctly, they are a vital tool for managing sepsis patients, with their collection forming part of The Sepsis Six bundle. //The SMI S 12 standard, published in January 2023, is a document produced in association with multiple organisations (RCPath, BSAC, NHS Scotland, NHS England, NHS Wale, BIA and Microbiology Society.// BSAC and NHS England have worked together to develop five new e-learning modules designed to support quicker and more accurate diagnosis optimising the blood culture pathway.These modules are designed for patient-facing staff, laboratory staff, neonatal/paediatric staff, consultant microbiologists and members of multidisciplinary teams (MDT).