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Clinical and Educational Supervision

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The General Medical Council (GMC) published a phased process for implementing new arrangements for accrediting Trainers in August 2012. Four key milestones were outlined in the Paper  “Recognising and approving trainers: the implementation plan". All Trusts, as Local Education Providers, currently need to have met the Milestone 3 criteria. This requires confirming that full information has been entered for all medical trainers in the named Educational Supervisor and named Clinical Supervisor roles and categorised as provisionally or fully trained. HEYH has facilitated this process by developing a blended e- learning programme for all supervisors that meets the professional standards for trainers from the Academy of Medical Educators. Furthermore to assist LEP's in compliance, and as required by the GMC, the LETB has developed a trainer accreditation policy, which can be found on the HEE YH policies section of the Deanery website (