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Patients Know Best - training on digital skills and Personal Health Records

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This catalogue is about our platform & services, Patients Know Best (PKB). PKB is the largest personal health record platform in Europe. It is used by millions of patients and hundreds of clinical deployments in the UK. 

The mission of our company is to make healthcare better, and by training the professionals of the future, we ensure they are equipped to offer the best possible treatment to the patients. 

Since 2014, as part of our social mission, we also offer support & use the PKB platform free of charge to any institutions wishing to train their healthcare students on digital health and care tools.

Students can have access to the platform, that can be populated with case study patients data, or even real patient volunteers. They can work divided into groups or as individuals, and undertake interprofessional learning. 

According to the teaching team's needs, PKB can be embedded across entire courses, virtual placements, OCSEs and other teaching activities.

Our target audience are therefore educators willing to help their students feel prepared to graduate into an increasingly digitised healthcare system. Navigating this catalogue, educators will learn more about PKB and how it can be used with students.

In the last few years, we have been used by a number of institutions, including, among others, the University of Winchester, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle, City, Liverpool John Moores. PKB has proven to benefit students of different disciplines, such as medicine, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy and physiotherapy.