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Multi-Professional Preceptor e-Compendium

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Preceptor eCompendium programme recognises the needs of the preceptor providing them with guidance, support, resources and practical tools that they need for their role. Supporting the preceptor to develop valuable skills that will help them in other supporting roles that they will find themselves taking on during their current or future roles.

This programme is made up of 5 learning sessions, consisting of:

Session1: The Preceptor Role
Session 2: Leading and coaching Preceptees
Session 3: Identifying/agreeing the Preceptee’s learning/support needs
Session 4: The health and well-being of the Preceptor and Preceptee
Session 5: Reflecting on your experience as a Preceptor

The elearning will support nursing, midwifery, and Allied Health Professional (AHP) preceptors.