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PROPEL local intervention HCP training

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This catalogue covers the additional training requirements for hospital staff supporting delivery of the intervention arm (PPCP) in PROPEL. A prehabilitation trial of people with AML and high risk MDS receiving consolidation chemotherapy +/- HSCT.

Who should access the training? There are two training modules for site staff taking part in PROPEL depending on your role in the trial. This module covers the training for the local intervention HCP who will provide active support and intervention with the participants on the intervention arm (PPCP) within the trial. This role may support physical outcome assessment prior to randomisation (at baseline) but can not be involved in outcome assessment after randomisation as this should be done by the blinded outcome assessor (who has a different training module). This training will cover all aspects of the intervention role and outcome assessment training, for those who will support physical outcome assessments at baseline. If you are not going to be involved in any physical outcome assessment at baseline then you do not need to complete the training in the corresponding physical outcome assessment folder. This should be reported to the PROPEL research team when completing and submitting your training log.

Requesting access: Please ensure that your hospital has submitted your site delegation log prior to accessing training. Delegation logs  from the trial will be reviewed to authorise access, please ensure that you include your name, email address, hospital site, study PI, study role and why you are requesting access in your request.

Thankyou for supporting PROPEL, we hope this training is helpful and we look forward to hearing from you.    PROPEL Research team