Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism - West Yorkshire

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The Learning Disability Awareness module is part of the Learning Disability and Autism Awareness course. It is intended for all clinical staff. Though any staff working with individuals with a learning disability will find the training useful.

Aims of the module
This module aims to give you an insight into the needs of people with learning disabilities, providing you with an opportunity to consider what it is like to have a learning disability. It explores the challenges faced by people with a learning disability, introducing you to their health, social and intellectual needs.

The module specifically encourages you to consider issues which are important when meeting the needs of people with learning disabilities.

These include 

  • Helping to ensure the care you personally give and the care given by your service is as accessible as possible.
  • Making reasonable adjustments
  • Overcoming barriers when working with people who have a learning disability, considering issues such as communication, physical barriers, stereotypes, prejudice and so forth.

Overall the module aims to increase your understanding, confidence and skills when working with people with a learning disability. People with learning disabilities are often faced with health inequalities and access to health services who fail to adequately address their needs. This module aims to readdress this situation, by encouraging you to have the skills and awareness to meet their needs in a truly effective way.