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Artificial Intelligence

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In 2023, the NHS Digital Academy published an Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability framework. Its aim was to help healthcare workers identify gaps in their current knowledge.

We have now curated some learning resources, mapped to that capability framework, so that whatever your level of knowledge of AI, you can now quickly find educational assets and training to support you in your role.

All resources are free to access and have been approved by a panel of AI in healthcare experts. The education is mapped directly to the framework which recommends NHS staff obtain a good level of awareness in the following 5 areas:

  1. Using digital technology in healthcare: how is it being used? What is your role?
  2. Caring for patients with digital technology: how to inform patients and provide best-practice care using technology.
  3. Ethical, legal and regulatory considerations in AI
  4. Planning for AI: how to plan, manage and lead AI services.
  5. Managing Health Data: ethics, privacy, security and data bias.