National Work Experience Resources
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General Resources

Work Experience in the NHS -A Toolkit for Secondary Care Providers

Youth Voice and Participation Strategy Toolkit [PDF]

Health & Social Care Workforce Consortium

Social Care Institute for Excellence- What is Personalisation?

Daniel's Patient Journey

Resuscitation Council UK: Public Resource

Rotational Healthcare Experience Programme Timetable [PDF]

Taking Positive Steps with Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

The NHS Frontline podcast

British Medical Council: Using medical reality television during clinical placement

Dementia Awareness- Barbara's Story

Childhood Trauma and the Brain

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) Sharp Scratch Podcast

British Geriatrics Society Website

Devon Training Hub: Work Experience Podcasts

Devon Training Hub: Main Work Experience page

New Scientist weekly podcast

HEE YouTube Channel

Example of Non-Clinical Work Experience Placement Timetable (2) [PDF]

Empathy: The human connection to patient care

Cradle to the Grave Video

Compassion, Dignity and Respect in Health Care

Careers in the Curriculum Modelling Tool

Example of Non-Clinical Work Experience Placement Timetable [PDF]

BBC iPlayer: The Wonders of Medicine

Become an Apprentice

Healthcare Acronym Buster

Guidance and Preparation for Employment Programmes [PDF]