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810 City Healthcare Partnership CIC

IRR17 Training for Dental Operators

Adult Community Nursing Transcribing Assessment

Evacuation Sledge

Flu Immunisation Annual Update 2023/24

Safeguarding Children Level 3 Pre-Course Work May 2023

Ionising Radiation Safety for Staff Working in X-Radiation Controlled Areas


CHCP Staff Induction

Health, Safety and Welfare

Cyber Awareness Training

Safeguarding Children Level 1

Doppler Training

Domestic Abuse Conversations

An Introduction into ADHD

Autism in the Workplace

Basic Life Support Online Module

Budget Holder Training

Employee Online (Roster Guide)

Expenses Mobile Training

Hearing Loss and Hearing Loops

Safeguarding Adults Level 1

Visual Impairment Training

Employee Online (Roster Guide)

MSK Spinal Competencies

Guide to Using Oracle Cloud

Rostering Manager Training

MSK Upper Limb Competencies

MSK Lower Limb Competencies

Moving and Handling Pre-Course Learning

Moving and Handling Basic Clinical Online

Occupational Therapist (OT) Competency

Oral Health Assessment Tools for Adults in Care

Moving and Handling Advanced Clinical Online

Oral Health Training for Staff Caring for Older People: Denture Care

Essity Academy: Moisture Associated Skin Damage

Oral health care training for staff caring for older people: Natural Tooth Care

Mental Capacity Act

Palliative Oral health care training for staff caring for older people

Oral Health Care Training for Staff Working with Adults with Mental Health Issues

MECC Online Learning

Adult Oral Health Care Training for Social Care Professionals

Oral Health: Care Assessors of Children

Oral Health Care Training for Staff Caring for Older People

Oral Health Care Training for Staff Working with Adults with Specialist Needs

Paediatric Gastrostomy: Balloon Device

Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

Practice Assessor Update

ReSPECT Training

Risk Management Training

Measuring for Custom Hosiery

Managing Anaphylaxis

Low Molecular Weight Heparin

Leg Ulcer Management

Just In Case Medications and Syringe Pump Considerations

Safeguarding Adults Level 2 Pre-Course Work

Safeguarding Adults Level 3 Pre-Course Work

Safeguarding Children Level 2 Pre-Course Work

Safeguarding Children Level 3 Pre-Course Work

Information for new Line Managers

Essity Academy: Infection Management

Second Checker Training

Second Checker Training (ward staff only)

Customer Service

Improving the Assessment of Wounds

Child oral health care training for social care professionals

Improving Baby and Toddler Oral Health

IM Injections for Young People

Hand Hygiene Annual Update

Flu Update 2022

Falls Prevention e-Learning module

Essity Academy: Factors Affecting Wound Healing

Essity Academy: Exudate Management

Expenses Claimant Training

Examining a Respiratory Patient

EVAC Chair Online Refresher Training

Stoma Care for Carers

Subcutaneous Fluid Administration

Syringe Pump Training

SystmOne: The Basics

Telehealth: New referrals and messages

Rostering Manager Snippets

ERAS Referral Training

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (Online)

Employee Relations: Probation (e-Learning)

Employee Relations: Grievance (e-Learning)

Employee Relations: Disciplinary (e-Learning)

Employee Relations: Capability (e-Learning)

Dysphagia Online Training

Duty Of Candour

Documentation in the Prison Setting

Defensible Documentation and Record Keeping

Digital Rectal Examination Online Training

Dementia Awareness Online

CVAD (Central Venous Access Devices)

CP-IS Information System Training

VODCPG Version

Covid Green Book Entry

COSHH Awareness Training

Cold Chain Management

Chaperone Training

The Braden Scale

The Food First Initiative

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

Tissue Viability - CHCP Guide to updating competence

Cervical Shock Training

Catheterisation Online Training

Catheter Care Online Training

Carers Champion Training

To Dip or not to Dip

Bowel Management Online Training


Bladder Management Online Training

Essity Academy: Anatomy and Physiology of Wound Healing

Essity Academy: Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin

Basic Observations eLearning

Basic Life Support Online

Assessing Basic Bowel Sounds

Transcribing Training (Childrens Nursing)

Verification of Expected Death

Weight Management Assessment

Approver Expenses Training

Adult Diabetes for Healthcare Professionals

Appointing Officer HR (e-Learning)

Local Infection Prevention and Control

Applying Topical Creams

ANTT (Aseptic Non Touch Technique)

Basic Phlebotomy

Advanced Phlebotomy