Mersey Care Dysphagia Level 2


Mersey Care Epilepsy Awareness

Mersey Care National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) Mental Health

Mersey Care National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) Community

Perinatal Mental Health Competency Framework link

Mersey Care Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Difficulties (Dysphagia) Level 1

Mersey Care Introduction to Anti-Racism

Mersey Care Controlled Drugs Training (Inpatients)

350 Supportive Obervations July 2023 live version

350 Medicines Management 2024

350 Supportive Observations

350 Complaints 2023

Mersey Care Clinical Observations

Merseycare DNACPR Do Not Attempt CPR 2020

Mersey Care Management and Supervision Tool (Older Adults)

Mersey Care Management and Supervision Tool

Mersey Care Essential Blood Transfusion ICRAS HCA

Mersey Care Controlled Drugs & High Risk Medicines Notice

350 High Risk Medicines

Mersey Care Safe and Effective Use of Medicines

Mersey Care Witness to Medicines

Mersey Care Relationship Boundaries

Mersey Care Section 17

Mersey Care Falls Prevention and Management

Mersey Care Respect and Civility Awareness

Mersey Care Medicines Management (Maghull)

Mersey Care Freedom to Speak Up Local Notice

Mersey Care Rapid Tranquillisation

Mersey Care Medicines Calculations

350 Mental Health Act Level 1

350 Mental Capacity Act Level 1

350 Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Level 1

350 The Role of the Witness in the Safe Administration and Documentation of Medicines

350 Secure Division Mental Capacity and Mental Health Act

350 Local Division Mental Capacity Act/ Mental Health Act Level 2

350 Care Programme Approach

Mersey Care Controlled Drugs and High Risk Medicines

350 Clinical Record Keeping

Mersey Care Continuing Health Care (CHC) instructions

350 Verification of Expected Death

350 Moving and Handling of Inanimate Objects

350 Ionising Radiation Medical Exposure Regulations IRME

350 CLIN Leg Ulcer Awareness Theory (ICRAS) - elearning - (3 yearly)

350 NEWS2 for Community Division

350 NEWS2 for Mental Health and Local Division

Mersey Care Zero Suicide Alliance

Mersey Care Clinical Health Records Keeping

Mersey Care Carer Awareness

350 MUST Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool

Mersey Care Food Safety Awareness

Mersey Care Syringe Drivers ICRAS

Mersey Care Syringe Drivers

Mersey Care Blood Glucose Machines

Mersey Care MCA/MHA/DoLS L2 Community

Mersey Care Personal Safety Training Mid-Mersey Division

Mersey Care Patient Safety Incident Training

350 Extended PPE

350 Basic PPE

350 Learning Disabilities Awareness

350 Wound Management Theory

350 Medicines Management Module 2

350 Medicines Management Module 1

350 Pressure Ulcer Management

350 Leg Ulcer Management

Mersey care Pay progression 2022

Mersey Care Nicotine Management

Mersey Care Safeguarding Adults at Risk - Recognition and Referral

Mersey Care eRISK

Mersey Care Suicide Awareness / Prevention

Mersey Care Patient Safety Incident Management Training

Mersey Care Search Training

Mersey Care Induction Checklist

Safeguarding Adults at Risk - Recognition and Referral L2/3

ESR Guide Mersey-care

ESR Guide Mersey-care

350 Learning Disability Awareness